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Q : What is the official website of the program 

A : You can find the official program site from :


Q : How to see if you are eligible

A : Saskatchewan has a 100 point system. So you can check the eligiblity by checking the following link :


Q : If you are eligible how to start the process ? 

A : You need to apply online. Please click on the link . Now let us start with the procedure. 


Step 1 : You need to register yourself. Put in your desired Username and Password. Click on "REGISTER"


2. Now you will see the below Dialogue box. Click on the "Select a Registration Type" dialogue box


2.1 Now select " Skilled worker or Economic Immigrant Applicant " from the dropdown as shown in the image below and click on Continue


3.0 Now you can see the registration form comes up. Please provide the correct details. Always enter data in compliance with your passport data to avoid wrong information



 4. You will now be redirected to the login screen. Your password was sent on the Email address that you provided in the 3.0 step. You will now need to reset the password to your desired password.


 5.  Now you will land at your initial screen. Click on "Please click here to begin" in the below screen"



6.0 Now you need to Birthdate and Address information in the form. Please take your passport with you and enter the details as given in your passport. If you are using an immigration consultant you will need to upload the IMM5476 form. You can find the IMM5476 from LINK . You can then upload the form by clicking on top right corner > Files > Click on it and then upload the file. 


6.1 This is the same screen as above step. You need to provide the mailing address also. Please provide the information as per the passport. 


6.2. When you click on Continue to Next Section you will get a confirm dialogue box. Click on "Yes,Continue"
Note : You will not be able to change the option which is selected in the above 6.1 from last 3 options "I am a skilled worker who wants to work and live in SK and so on .... "


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