How to deal with Google mobile usability error in Joomla

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As you guys must have seen google has started showing up error with Mobile Usability for Joomla sites as below image and you might be in constant wonder how to resolve the issue to provide better viewability for your website users. In this article I will explain how you can do the same and try to remove the error.  

Why is it showing this error ?

> If you have been aware of robots.txt file it lets the search engines know what to index from your site and what it can not index. Google till now was more dependent upon the text in your article but with the newer changes Google can not view the css and other media of your site which hinders it's ability to view the site as a normal user would see and provide rankings. This leds it to generate this error. The other reason you can face this issue is due to your Joomla template not being mobile friendly. To know more about which parameters are at base for defining the mobile usability you can refer to the Google link :

So how to resolve it ?

As I have already described above there can be two scenarios for having this error. 

Scenario 1 : Your template is not mobile friendly or you are using older version of Joomla. In this case first and foremost you can try to upgrade the template or confirm with the template provider if a mobile friendly version of the template is available. If you are using older version of joomla please try upgrading to the latest version. If you are unaware of how to upgrade the site from Joomla 2.5 to 3 here's a good link you should follow :

Scenario 2 : Your template is mobile friendly but still you are facing this error. In this case please go login through FTP check the robots.txt file under the 

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